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Classically Crisp Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies have been a staple every holiday season for as long as I can remember. My mom has tried out various recipes (to my dad’s delight) and finally settled on this one, published in a newspaper many years ago.…


Rich and Chewy Chocolate Brownies

Brownies are my all-time favourite dessert. You can fancy them up with ice cream or frosting or eat them as is. I prefer mine with no accoutrements and this family recipe is stand-alone perfection. It’s quick and easy-to-make, and will…


Simply Perfect Spiced Pumpkin Bread

Have leftover pumpkin from Thanksgiving? Don’t let it go to waste: Try making this easy-to-bake pumpkin bread recipe, which has been a staple in my family for decades. Mildly spicy, lightly sweet and very moist, it’s great with a cup…