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10 Unique (and Unusual) New Year’s Resolutions

10 Unique (and Unusual) New Year’s Resolutions

As we near the end of 2022, you might be thinking about making a new year’s resolution. Among the most common are living healthier, losing weight and making specific financial goals.

But what about ‘alternative’ resolutions?

Here are 10 of the most unusual ones found on Twitter.

1. Check facts before sharing on social media.

2. Stop procrastinating, starting tomorrow.

3. Drink my coffee while it’s hot.

4. Only buy pants with no buttons or zippers.

5. Start practicing yoga to actually justify wearing yoga pants 24-7.

6. Stop making lists that include making more lists.

7. Stay in the bathroom while I brush my teeth.

8. Floss every day and not just the week before going to the dentist for a cleaning.

9. Actually wear a full outfit (and not just a nice shirt with pyjama pants) for Zoom calls.

10. Stop lying to myself about following new year’s resolutions.