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Five Simple Steps To Create A Low-tox Home

Five Simple Steps to Create a Low-tox Home

Our homes can be filled with toxins we aren’t even aware of. Embrace a healthier, eco-conscious lifestyle by making simple swaps to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

Make your Own Cleaners
Conventional household cleaners contain harsh ingredients that can negatively impact health. Opt for vinegar, baking soda and essential oils for effective, eco-friendly cleaning solutions. If you’d prefer not to go the DIY route, I personally like Eco Max Natural Spearmint Bathroom Cleaner for the loo and Attitude Citrus Zest All-Purpose Cleaner.

Improve Air Quality with Houseplants
Bring nature indoors and improve air quality by adding houseplants to your home decor. Plants like spider plants, peace lilies and bamboo palm not only clean the air but also add brightness and beauty to your living space.

Invest in Organic Bedding
You spend up to one-third of your life in bed. Create a healthier sleep environment by choosing sheets made of natural fibres like organic cotton, linen or wool. These materials are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, making them ideal for sensitive skin and promoting better sleep quality.

Avoid Artificial Scents
While scented candles or conventional air fresheners may smell good, synthetic fragrances can lead to health risks when inhaled daily. Find natural ways to scent your home like diffusing essential oils that are safer for your health and more sustainable for the planer. Or opt for scented products made from organically certified ingredients like Primally Pure’s line of candles and room sprays.

Switch to Glass Food Storage Containers
Even if a plastic food container says its phthalate or BPA-free, it still may not be entirely safe. Plastics break down over time, which means they can potentially release trace amounts of whatever chemicals they are made of into your food.  Switching to glass may be a bit of an upfront investment, but the material is more durable so glass containers will last longer and save you money in the long run. Plus, they better retain food’s natural flavours.