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Homeowners Face Higher Water And Garbage Fees

Homeowners Face Higher Water and Garbage Fees

Toronto garbage and water rates are going up Jan. 1, 2024, after city council approved a 3% increase.

Residents should expect a second price hike next year, when the city budget is approved.

The budget will be tabled Jan. 10, but the earliest it will pass is February.

Households are charged for garbage collection according to the size of their bins. In 2024, the yearly fee will amount to:

  • $295.29 for a small bin, up $8.60
  • $358.47 for a medium bin, up $10.44
  • $486.86 for a large bin, up $14.18
  • $564.71 for an extra-large bin, up $16.45

In addition to residential garbage collection, these fees fund the collection and processing of yard waste, organics, oversized and metal items, and household hazardous waste and electronics.

For water, the interim change means the average household using 230,000 litres of water per year will pay an additional $30 annually, for a total of $1,039 in 2024.

The increased rate will go toward the construction and revitalization of infrastructure to address challenges posed by growth, aging assets and the effects of climate change, says the city.