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The Weirdest Garbage Items Hauled In 2023

The Weirdest Garbage Items Hauled in 2023

When you’ve got junk you need to move, 1-800-GOT-JUNK often comes to mind. After all, the word ‘junk’ is in its name. Recently, the company released a list of its top weird junk finds for 2023, some of which will leave you scratching your head.

1. A ‘replica’ of Wilson the volleyball from the move Cast Away.

2. Kids wagon with 6 padded car seats. (Known as a KinderVan, this souped-up wagon retails for around $5,000 in Canada.)

3. Giant watermelon plushie almost as big as the person removing it.

4. A horn statute (found at a Calgary home).

5. Golf cart.

6. Star Wars AT-AT.

7. Slot machine.

8. Old telephone booth.

9. Turtle lantern.

10. Giant stuffed goat.