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5 Steps To Help Prevent Vehicle Theft

5 Steps to Help Prevent Vehicle Theft

Car thefts are on the rise in Toronto, with more than 8,000 vehicles stolen in 2022. That’s an increase of 43% from 2021, when approximately 5,600 were snatched by thieves.

While some cars are targeted more than others, there are a number of actions you can take so that your vehicle is a less appealing target, regardless of make and model.

1. Keep your keys or keyless fob away from doors and windows. Use a faraday bag to block the signal from being intercepted and reprogrammed.

2. Use a steering wheel club, steering column collar (to protect the steering column from ignition) or an electronic alarm system. Alarms with kill switches are the most effective.

3. Install an immobilizing device to prevent hot-wiring.

4. Invest in an ignition and/or fuel kill switch. The former will disable your vehicle while the latter halts fuel supply to your car.

5. Add a gearshift lock to disable shifting transmission, a tire/wheel lock to immobilize your vehicle and/or a hood lock to prevent access to car engine parts.

If concerned about your vehicle being stolen, Toronto police suggest installing a vehicle tracking system. This device combines the use of automatic vehicle location with software that collects data to pinpoint your car’s location.

Should your car be taken, report the theft immediately. Police will request specific information to identify the car, parts and accessories, including the year, make, model and colour; licence number; vehicle identification number; serial numbers of all special equipment; and any special markings (dents, scratches or other damage).