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Tips To Keep Houseplants Alive And Thriving

Tips to Keep Houseplants Alive and Thriving

Houseplants add a colourful touch to your home, improve indoor air quality and can increase the appearance of any space. But they take some work to keep alive. Here are eight tips to ensure they survive (and don’t die) so you can continue to reap their many benefits.

1. Always check the soil before watering. Too much can result in root rot, while not enough can lead to dehydration. If your plant’s soil is dry about an inch down, it’s time to water.

2. Where you place your plant matters. Every houseplant has different light requirements — some like plenty of indirect sunlight; others like lots of direct light.

3. Regularly fertilize your houseplants to provide essential nutrients.

4. Stay on top of pruning. Trim away dead or yellowing leaves so the plant’s energy can stay focused on new growth.

5. Get rid of pests or bugs immediately. There are many natural options, such as organic insecticidal soaps, which take the moisture out of plants.

6. Fresh circulating air (ideally between 15 C and 24 C) helps to prevent fungal disease in houseplants. Just avoid placing them directly below vents.

7. When a plant’s potting becomes waterlogged or breaks, or the plant is outgrowing its home, it’s time to repot. New potting soil with nutrients will encourage further growth.

8. Pay attention to your plant’s appearance and make necessary changes.