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Maximizing Your Home’s Efficiency In Summer

Maximizing your Home’s Efficiency in Summer

There’s nothing like a heat wave to add an extra cost to your monthly home expenses. With your air conditioner working overtime, it might seem like an odd time to discuss energy efficiency. But there are five easy and inexpensive ways to make your home more energy-efficient without sacrificing cool comfort.

Air Seal your Home
Sealing cracks, gaps and leaks with foam or caulking and adding insulation can save up to 10% on yearly heating and cooling costs.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water
Nearly all of the energy consumed by washing machines goes toward heating the water. Washing your clothes on the cold cycle can save nearly $100 in electricity per year.

Close your Blinds
On hot days, close the blinds, shades and drapes on the sunny side of your home to help keep the temperature down and reduce how hard your air conditioner has to work.

Replace Air Filters
Dirty air filters in your furnace and air conditioning unit make your system work harder and run longer than necessary. Changing your filters regularly will also help with air quality on muggy days.

Defrost your Freezer
Excess ice buildup in your fridge or freezer can send your appliances into overdrive. Be sure to defrost your freezer before the ice gets to be a quarter of an inch thick.