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Shift In On-trend Kitchen Cabinet Colours

Shift in On-trend Kitchen Cabinet Colours

A kitchen’s colour scheme can set the mood for the heart of the home and make it feel bigger or smaller. Since cabinets are one of the most visible parts of this space, their colour has a profound effect on the room’s final look and feel.

While the safest bet for cabinets is white, a whole host of other colours are taking centre stage in the kitchen. Many are the same as 2022 (and those before), as cabinet colours don’t radically change over a 12-month period given kitchen renovations are long-lasting. Colour trends typically last three to five years; however, they shift and expand during this time.

For the most part, the changes in 2023 are subtle. Green and blue are among the most popular colour options outside white. The former really took off last year because it imparts comfort and offers a closeness to nature, both of which consumers were seeking after a significant period of uncertainty wrought by the pandemic. But while mid-greens, such as sage and olive, and minty tones were all the rage in 2022, there is greater demand for darker, rich greens, even those trending on graphite that can look more grey, black or green depending on the lighting. This awards it the versatility of a neutral and soothing quality of an earthy hue.

Blue cabinetry has evolved from the grey-blue that was hot in 2021. In 2022, both light and dark shades were in demand, with navy and pastel predominating. A coastal vibe is now starting to take hold, likely influenced by the return of travel. There’s a desire to bring that feeling of escapism into the home and what better way to do so than through blues reminiscent of the sky and seascape that can conjure an image of a sunnier destination.

Once beloved, grey is not as stylish as it used to be. This is not to say it’s no longer a crowd-pleaser; rather, it has undergone a transformation. As it leaned warmer, it first became ‘greige’ — a blend of grey and beige — and has now been replaced with mushroom and taupe — both mixtures of brown and grey.

Black cabinetry is still a top trend because it’s timeless, versatile, sophisticated and elevates any kitchen design. But it is softer and warmer than previous iterations. And while still used to create a tuxedo effect, the non-colour is being paired more with wood cabinets instead of those painted white for that two-toned look.

New to cabinet paint colours is the addition of rosy undertones and lively reds — both of which originated on walls before making the leap. Paint brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams cite people’s desire to step outside their comfort zone to express themselves for this warm colour selection.