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5 Reasons To Buy A House During Winter

5 Reasons to Buy a House during Winter

Winter isn’t typically the time that people want to go house hunting. The weather outside can be frightful and it’s usually hectic because of the holidays. However, there are some advantages to buying during this season.

Less Buyer Competition
While there’s usually less inventory on the market, there’s also fewer buyers competing for homes because many are waiting to ‘shop’ in spring and summer. This reduces the likelihood of bidding wars.

Motivated Sellers
Owners that list their homes when temperatures are well below zero are generally serious about selling and more willing to negotiate. So, too, are those whose homes have been lingering on the market a long time, giving buyers more leverage.

A Clearer Picture
Winter puts stress on a home, which gives buyers the perfect opportunity to evaluate a property under the worst conditions possible. A home that might seem impeccable in warmer weather could look wholly different in winter.

More Movers
December to February is the slow season for moving companies, so it’ll be easier to book a truck and you’re likely to get a better rate. Fewer clients and shorter daylight hours also mean your move will generally start earlier in the day than it might have otherwise, and wrap up sooner.

Reduced Contractor Rates
Industries related to real estate also drop off in winter compared to spring and summer when it can feel almost impossible to find a reputable contractor to complete a renovation on a newly purchased home. Not only can you shop around for the best value at the best price, but some contractors may offer lower or discounted off-season rates for their services.