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Basement Waterproofing Cost Considerations

Basement Waterproofing Cost Considerations

Have you noticed a musty odour in your basement, peeling paint or damp spots on the walls?

These are all indicators of a potential water issue that can pose a health hazard and become an insurance nightmare if flooding occurs.

In Toronto, with our snowy winters, wet springs and humid summers, damp basements are very common — but they don’t have to be. With foundation waterproofing, you can maintain a dry, moisture-controlled basement all year long.

But how much will this cost?

The price is determined by the following factors, according to RCC Waterproofing.

Length of the Excavation
The is the number of feet that will need to be dug to address foundation cracks and/or to completely waterproof your foundation. Sometimes foundation cracks are not confined to just one spot and they move along the foundation walls.

Depth of the Excavation
Every foundation is made differently. Sometimes the foundation footings are four-feet deep and other times they are eight-feet deep.

Space Available for the Excavation
This determines whether the trench will have to be hand dug or if a machine can be used to dig around the foundation walls.

Soil Conditions
Not every home will have the same soil conditions and this could affect the foundation digging process. Foundations could have sand or clay mixed in instead of dirt and rock, which makes jobs more difficult and dangerous to excavate.

Discovery of Pipes or Cables
Services like hydro, gas or even plumbing could be running underneath the ground. This is a problem for crews digging the trenches as sometimes these services will need to be shut off by the appropriate authorities.

Where the Waterproofing can be Done
In the vast majority of cases, waterproofing is done from the exterior of your home to solve the basement leak issue. However, sometimes it can be addressed from inside your home if there is not enough space to excavate outside or if you have a fixture that cannot be removed like a deck, machinery or an outdoor garden.

Waterproofing Materials
The types of waterproofing materials and the amount used will determine what the price of the overall waterproofing costs will be. Many waterproofing contractors offer damp proofing materials for a cheaper price but this is will not prevent further leaks from happening. A full waterproofing system that will fully stop future foundation leaks requires commercial-grade products, which are more expensive.