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Condos With Highest And Lowest Maintenance Fees

Condos with Highest and Lowest Maintenance Fees

Digital real estate platform Wahi has unveiled which condominium buildings in the Greater Toronto Area have the highest and lowest maintenance fees.

The most expensive condos for fees can be found primarily in luxury buildings in downtown Toronto, with one, the Granary, located in Oakville. Seven are older buildings, constructed in the 1980s and 1990s.

1. Residences of the Ritz Carlton: $2,268/month
2. Four Seasons Private Residences: $1,561/month
3. The Granary $1,440/month
4. Governor’s Hill I: $1,405/month
5. 133 Hazelton Residences: $1,340/month
6. Market Square I: $1,258/month
7. Avoca Condos: $1,210/month
8. 80 & 100 Yorkville Residences: $1,193/month
9. Saint James Place: $1,157/month
10. Power House: $1,075/month

Condos with the lowest fees are located outside the downtown core and Toronto proper altogether. All were built within the last 14 years, with the exception of Optima Park II in Scarborough, which was constructed in 1989.

1. Origin Condominiums: $217/month
2. SweetLife Condos: $237/month
3. Origin Condominiums: $241/month
4. Bower Condos on the Preserve: $247/month
5. The Point at Emerald City Condos: $250/month
6. Optima on the Park II: $254/month
7. ME Living Condos: $255/month
8. The Heintzman Place: $272/month
9. Panorama Condos: $272/month
10: Minto 775: $273/month

(Origin Condominiums is listed twice as the development consists of two buildings that share the same name.)

The study is based on maintenance fees for one-bedroom units that were sold between 2021 and 2023.

Fees cover building insurance, maintenance of common elements, amenities, some utilities and contributions to the building reserve fund, which is set aside to cover future repairs and replacements.