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How To Find Out About Construction Projects

How to Find Out About Construction Projects

Ever wonder if a neighbourhood you’re looking at buying a home in will soon see a flurry of construction activity?

Not construction (and the associated disruption) related to the filling of potholes or the replacement of city pipes. Rather, I’m talking about building development, whether a new multi-storey condominium or single-family home.

If curious — and who’s not — then you’ll want to check out the City of Toronto’s application information centre, which details current planning applications, as well as minor variance and compliance applications.

You can perform a quick search by entering an address or intersection. Development applications within a 120 metre radius will appear. After clicking on a property on the map, a small pop-up will appear with high-level information about the selected application, including application number and type, status, date submitted and contact name, e-mail and phone number. You can even access more specific information, such as upcoming community meetings, detailed application review statuses and supporting documentation. What’s displayed is always the most up-to-date recorded information, which will arm you with the necessary knowledge to determine whether you want to purchase that condo unit or home.