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10 Weird Finds While Decluttering A Home

10 Weird Finds while Decluttering a Home

If you only declutter your home when planning to list it for sale, you’re bound to uncover some odd items that have been hidden away for years. But they’re likely nothing compared to what 1-800-GOT-JUNK has hauled away. Here are the company’s top 10 unusual finds.

1. A parade of 50 garden gnomes.

2. A pair of six-foot-tall pink walkie-talkies.

3. A life-size R2D2 cooler that looks identical to the movie character.

4. A homemade lawnmower-bike hybrid.

5. Enough dental moulds to fill a truck.

6. A letter to actor John Wayne from President Richard Nixon, congratulating him on his Oscar win.

7. Mannequin torsos.

8. A goat statue with a matching bright blue wig and hooves, wearing jeans and a leather jacket.

9. A lipstick carousel music box.

10. A unicorn-shaped coffee table.